Linnéa Tovar

Linnéa Tovar

of Arts

My hands shape what the soul speaks,
Design is the mirror of my inner vision.
I weave stories out of lines and light,
Aesthetics and form, a constant poem.
There is a part of me in every design,
An expression of my creativity, a personal meaning.


A bookazine about personal family history during the Nazi era, which makes the past tangible and encourages reflection.

What did your family really do during the Nazi era? The German culture of remembrance is tending more and more towards a “feel-good culture of remembrance” and towards victim identification without consequences. With the increasing loss of contemporary witnessing, we are losing our personal connection to the Nazi era and are building up an ever-increasing distance from it. Coming to terms with our personal family history can help us overcome this distance, make our past tangible and reflect on it for future actions.

In my bookazine I critically question the German culture of remembrance and deal with my own family history. To do this, I use fragmentary memories, photographs, recordings and archives.

  • First Examiner: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen
  • Second Examiner: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Daniel Braun

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