Antonia Schmelter

Antonia Schmelter

Communication Design

Communication is the most valuable and the most difficult element in conveying information. Communication depends on how it is interpreted and understood by people. My goal as a designer is to make complex information and subject areas accessible to the public in a transparent and understandable way, to rethink things and to look for future-oriented solutions.

VUJA DE – Myself in the flow.

A more effective work-life balance through Ikigai.

A bookazine for a more effective work-life balance through Ikigai to counteract the argument of a 4-day week. Terms such as work-life balance and 4-day week play an enormously important role in our society today, especially among Generation Z. The goal of my work is to give people the opportunity to achieve their mental satisfaction with the help of To find Ikigai and to perceive their mindset in relation to their own work from a different perspective.

  • First Examiner: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen
  • Second Examiner: Dipl.-Des. Elisabeth Schwarz

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