Jordana Jeckel

Jordana Jeckel

Product Design

The connection between design and craftsmanship is my basic idea in product design. Solution-oriented thinking and the creation of sustainable alternatives are important to me.
My highlights during my studies were long days in the workshops, the successful results of good teamwork and my internship in a textile factory in Zurich.
My wish: to preserve traditional craft techniques in the future through timeless design.

smutje – a modular camping kitchen

A modular camping kitchen that adapts flexibly to your needs and brings cooking into nature.

The longing to escape the stress of everyday life and find peace while camping in nature is becoming more and more important. Cooking is essential. In cooperation with “Discarvery”, a Bochum company for VW bus conversions, a modular camping kitchen was created. The kitchen box can be used in three scenarios: it fits in the rear drawers of a VW bus and can also be used as a self-sufficient unit outdoors. In addition, individual components of the camping kitchen can also be used for other outdoor activities. It therefore adapts flexibly to the needs of a broad target group. The focus of the bachelor’s thesis was on functionality and feasibility. Working with a company allowed me to develop a marketable product.

  • First Examiner: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Steffen Schulz
  • Second Examiner: Sven Henkel B.A.

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