Paula Götz

Paula Götz

Communication Design

As a designer, I am always looking for connections and cohesion. I want to make existing resources visible and accessible and provide impulses for community transformation.
I do this in an exploratory manner, with an open ear and an eye for the complex connections that make up our world.

pasta madre

A workshop concept for the haptic-speculative exploration of sourdough.

In its diverse forms of sharing and transmission, sourdough has always accompanied humans in a form of co-evolution that defies the logic of control and domination. Because it is communities of microorganisms that set bread dough in motion. The wild fermentation of sourdough puts us humans in a state of attention, calm and idleness and, in addition to bubbles, raises questions about care, work or more-than-human relationships. Instead of focusing on the bread as a result, the project invites you to immerse yourself in a haptic process with all your senses and encounter the living creatures that inhabit our bodies and the world around us.

  • First Examiner: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Claudia Grönebaum
  • Second Examiner: Hendrik Otremba M.A.

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