Lea-Melina Berger

Lea-Melina Berger

Media Design

Creative work through art, music and design helps me to get to know myself and express myself emotionally. I discovered photography during my studies. A way to capture details that touch me. In my designs I like to combine different creative areas while remaining abstract to a certain extent to create a space for curiosity and interpretation.

Fear of being

“Fear rears up, don’t come down. Scream of fear in your stomach, drown in it.” A photographic examination of the facets of various states of anxiety.

Fear of being (a failure). Overwhelmed by life. Results from the past. Insights into the frightened psyche. It’s about photographically depicting a subjective, fearful view of oneself and the world.
A visual collection of negative emotional states, self-doubt and the resulting growing fear of one’s own existence.

  • First Examiner: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Thekla Ehling
  • Second Examiner: Dipl.-Des. Christian Diehl

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